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Top Eight Medical Schools In Australia

By on September 28, 2012

Australia is one of the major countries where in you can find at least twenty to thirty universities offering different courses that figures amongst top hundred universities of the world. This is possible because of the government pumping in millions of dollars in to the education system for upgrading and inducing latest technologies at their disposal.

The degree offered by these universities is recognized world wide. It is estimated that around five million students from different parts of the world come to Australia every year for education alone. The scope for medical education in Australia is extremely good as there are around six universities who make into the top fifty universities of the world. The facilities for research are amongst the best in the world.

You can even exercise the option to specialize in more than one area at the same time. You can even pursue post graduation level courses in medical field or get into research programs. The universities in Australia offer the much needed ambience, environment, encouragement, and above all the best facilities in the world.

List of Medical Schools In Australia

University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne in Australia is the place to pursue medical education as here you find Australia’s First Ranked Medical College. In addition it is ranked fifteenth among the best medical colleges of the world. The courses and programs offered by the universities in Melbourne is Doctor of Medicine, Research, Post Graduate Programs such as Master of Clinical Audiology, Psychiatry, Speech Therapy, Counseling, Electives in Clinical Studies, etc.

Medical Schools In Australia

Research is available in the field of Cancer, Cardiac related to heart, Diabetes, Obesity, Neurological Science, Dermatology related to Skin, Infections, etc. In addition you also have Graduate Diploma programs Mental Health, Adolescence, Health Welfare, etc. There are postgraduate diploma programs available as well.

University of Sydney

At Sydney you can find University of Sydney, ranked second best in Australia and holds the thirty first position in the world of Medical Universities. The University of Sydney offers a variety of medical disciplines to choose from. The medical university of Sydney is ranked amongst the top in the world.

The medical research program offered by these universities are unique and one of the best in Australia. Unlike other medical universities it has research facilities in the area of Renal, International Health and Gene Therapy, to name a few.

Monash University

The third place in Australian Medical School goes to Monash University (World ranking 42nd). It specializes in offering degree, post graduate and diploma programs in the areas of Biomedical Science, Psychiatry, Health Science, Medicine and Surgery.

best medical schools in australia

It offers excellent research facilities in the areas specified by conducting Master’s, Doctoral and Professional Doctorates Courses.

Australian National University (ANU)

The Australian National University is ranked 48th among the Top Medical Schools in the world and is ranked fourth among the Australian Medical Schools. The university offers a wide range of medical courses to facilitate Australian as well as international students. There are course work programs, pathway programs, research programs, conjoint programs and individual courses for medical aspirants.

The premier program though is the entry level four year medical degree, MBBS. There are a wide range of cutting edge research programs organized by the university as well. Cancer, diabetes and endocrinology, cardiovascular and renal diseases, liver disease and gastroenterology, neurosciences and vision, etc., are some of the research work that is carried on by the ANU in collaboration with the research institutes, government and some leading international universities across the globe.

University of Queensland

The next destination in Australia for medical education is University of Queensland. University of Queensland is ranked fifth in Australia and holds the forty eighth position in the world of medical schools.

8 medical schools in australia

Here you can find major twelve branches of medicine been offered as course. It ranges from Critical Care, Medical Ethics, Science of Imaging, Surgery and specialization in specific surgery, Child Health, Gynecology, etc. Research programs include the fields of Burns adult and children, Liver diseases, Disability, Brain, Cardiology, Dermatology, Genetics, Kidney and lungs.

University of Adelaide

The Faculty of Medical Sciences at the University of Adelaide is ranked sixth among the medical schools in Australia and falls into the range of the top 51 – 100 medical schools in the world. Various medical courses under a range of disciplines like ophthalmology, acute medical care, psychiatry, orthopedics, surgery, etc., are offered to the students. All programs have a strong focus on research in their respective fields.

The teachings activities are also extended at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Royal Adelaide Hospital, Lyell McEwin Hospital and Modbury Hospital. Research facilities are offered for the medical aspirants at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

University Of Western Australia

Ranked seventh amongst medical schools in Australia is the University Of Western Australia. It is among the best 50 – 100 of world’s best medical colleges. It too offers a variety of medical courses for Degree and Post Graduate levels. It even conducts Graduate and Post Graduate Diploma courses in various disciplines.

medical schools

There are specific post graduate programs for international students that offer specific medical training. Research facilities are amongst the best in the world that includes population health, dentistry, pediatrics and child health, women’s and infant health, psychiatry and clinical neurosciences, etc.

University of New South Wales Faculty of Medicine

University of New South Wales Faculty of Medicine is positioned eighth among medical schools in Australia. It is listed among the 50 – 100 top medical colleges of the world. The University of New South Wales, offer almost ten different disciplines of medicine that would turn an amateur into a professional.

The research facilities are amongst the best as the motto of the medical school is eradication of certain diseases not only from Australia but at world level. It intends to attain the status of being the one point solution in the field of medical research.

The UNSW comprises of nine medical schools that boasts of cross faculty collaboration and eleven research centers out of which four are national research units that include the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre, Dementia Collaborative Research Centre, National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre and The Kirby Institute for Infection and Immunity in Society.

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