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Top Colleges For Music Across The Globe

By on December 14, 2012

Music excites everybody. Not only to your ears but it has also become a good career in today’s times. The following article will provide you information about the best music colleges across the globe such as Italy, France, Spain, UK, Germany, USA, India and China.

List of Music Colleges

International Academy of Music

The International Academy of Music in Italy will give you the right exposure in music as they have the facility of providing music lessons for high schools, college, and young professionals.

Top Colleges For Music

The program is divided into three parts where you will be given trainings in chamber music and also get the opportunity to participate in solo concerts. The tuition fee comes to around US $2,180.00 that includes tuition fees, food & boarding.

CNSM de Paris

CNSM de Paris or Conservatoire de Paris is one of the most famous schools in France for dance and music. It is based on the teachings and discipline of the traditional French music system.

The Musikene Higher School of Music

The Musikene Higher School of Music in Basque, Spain trains its students in different musical instruments and music composition. To get admission you will be required to clear an entrance examination conducted by the institute. Other notable schools for music in Spain are The Queen Sofia School of Music, The Conservatori del Liceu and The Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid. Admission to these institutes will be based upon your performance in their respective entrance examinations.

University of Music Würzburg

University of Music Würzburg, Germany offers several degree courses in music. The institute has the reputation of staging around 200 music concerts and 8 operas in a single year. You can study subjects like the early musical or historical instruments, conducting an orchestra or chorus, Vocal Training and instruments such as piano, guitar, and accordion.

top music colleges world wide

You can also study Protestant and Catholic form of church music. There are many teacher training and pedagogy courses. The best thing about the institute is that the teaching method practiced is modern in its approach blending with its traditional forms.

London Music School

London Music School is one of the best music schools in UK. It is famous for its facilities specially the recording studios such as the Brick Lane Studios. You can study instruments such as guitar, bass guitar, drums, key boards and saxophone. You can also study courses in sound engineering. So you can join London Music School if you wish to become a song writer, sound engineer or a vocalist.

Eastman School of Music

The Eastman School of Music in Rochester, USA, is well known for its music courses specially the piano. It teaches classical music and jazz. Apart from these you will also be given trainings in chamber music, voice and opera and in Strings, Harp and Guitar.

Curtis Institute of Music

top music schools

If you wish to make a career in opera you can join Curtis Institute of Music in USA. The institute offers Degree and Diploma Programs as well as a detailed technical exposure to Western music with its Musical Studies Courses.

Delhi School of Music

Located in the capital city of Delhi, the Delhi School of Music in India is well known for its Western music courses. The institute has tie ups with Trinity College of music in London and Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music in England.

The KM musical Conservatory

Located in the southern parts of India the KM musical Conservatory in Chennai is best known for its Indian and Western music. You can also learn music engineering in the institute that is of international standards.

Rabindra Bharati University

list of best music colleges

Rabindra Bharati University in West Bengal, India is an abode for music, dance and literature. The institute offers under graduate courses in fine arts such as Rabindra Sangeet, Vocal Music, Instrumental Music and Percussion, and dance. It also offers post graduate and doctorate degrees in the above courses.

Calcutta School of Music

The Calcutta School of Music in West Bengal, India conducts trainings in different European musical instruments as well as the traditional Indian ones. You can learn solo and orchestral performance from the institute.

Central Conservatory of Music

Central Conservatory of Music in China is famous for its music courses. It is a respectable institution not just in China but also across the world. It has world class facilities such as its Voice Research Center. The institute offers a Bachelor’s 4 years degree in Musicology, Vocal Singing, Wind and Stringed instruments and a course in the making and repairing of instruments. The institute also offers Master’s degree and doctorate degree in different departments.

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