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Top 8 TAFE Online Courses

By on January 14, 2013

Top 8 TAFE Online CoursesIf one desire to have Australian education but cannot go there and study in the college campuses, one can pursue the courses online. A wide range of courses are available on the web at OTEN (Open Training and Education Network) to choose from. Through OTEN, a large number of distance education and vocational courses can be studied. OTEN is located at Strathfield in Sydney, the capital of NSW (New South Wales).

It is the largest network in Australia having more than 60000 students enrolled for various online courses. Around 200 TAFE NSW courses are available via online mode. All the qualifications are nationally recognised by AQF (American Qualifications Framework).

Rather the courses are highly valued both nationally and internationally. Teaching is done via number of methods, for example, podcasts, webinars, social networking sites etc. All levels of courses are available, from beginner to university preparation level.

List of TAFE Online Courses

Accounting, Banking and Finance

The courses of Accounting, Banking and Finance are available at various levels viz. Certificate III, Diploma, TAFE Transcript, Certificate IV and Advanced Diploma. These courses are very beneficial for those who want to make their career in office management, bank, bookkeeping, payroll service, marketing and sale. Students may be required to make financial reports and learn about taxations.

One of the certificate courses available is Accounts Administration Certificate III. The course is meant for those who want to pursue their career as an account clerk and thus include details regarding bookkeeping, purchases and sales, payroll, accounts payable or receivable, cashier functions etc. The courses are delivered online while the tutorial sessions are conducted via email or phone.

Similarly, there are many such courses related to the disciplines of accounting, banking and finance viz. Banking Services Business Diploma, Account Administration Certificate III, Bookkeeping Certificate IV, Accounting Certificate IV and many others.


Because the courses related to Agriculture discipline require hands on work, a number of practical sessions are involved, which are compulsory for the students to learn apart from theoretical study. The courses are available as Certificate III type viz. Agriculture Certificate III, Production Horticulture Certificate III, Operate Tractors TAFE Transcript and Farming Small Areas- Select & Develop TAFE NSW Attendance Certificate.

TAFE Online Courses

Out of these courses, Operate Tractors course help the students in getting practical trainings and assessments. After the completion of this course, students would be able to operate tractors under minimum supervision. The course of Small Farming Areas-Select & Develop is aimed at helping the students to make the requisite decision for achieving the right goals for farming.

Business and Management

Certificate and Diploma level courses are available in the discipline of Business and Management viz. Justices of the Peace TAFE NSW Attendance Certificate, Confident Team Leadership TAFE Transcript, Business Certificate II, Retail Certificate II, Business Administration Certificate III, Human Resources Certificate IV, Marketing Certificate IV, Management Diploma, Business Diploma etc.

These courses are very helpful for business students as well as professionals. The teachers are highly experienced having in depth knowledge about various courses of business and its related subjects. Both theoretical and practical aspects of the subjects are involved in the courses available.

Communication Media

TAFE Transcript, TAFE NSW Attendance Certificate and Certificate IV level courses are available in the discipline of Communication Media. The various courses included are Language, Literacy and Numeracy Short Course, Communication in the media Statement of Attainment, Managing Organisational Change TAFE, Communication and Media Diploma, Skills for Work and Training Certificate II etc.

Communication Media

The students can either study a course, a small unit or complete programs, as a wide variety of courses are available. The courses help to develop basic writing, interpersonal, negotiation and leadership skills.


The course available under Construction discipline is Flouridation of Public Water Supplies TAFE Statement. This course is especially for those who want to improve their knowledge, skills and career opportunities in the field of building and construction. Already working professionals can benefit a lot from these courses as great flexibility is provided to attend them.

With the study at home option, the course provides professional teachers to guide the students well throughout the courses. This course helps the students to learn the operation of a water fluoridation plant. Though this is not an accredited course, it will enable the students to understand the best practices involved along with the technical requirements.

Hospitality Operations

The courses are of different types viz. Certificate IV, Certificate I and Short Course. The study areas available at OTEN are hospitality, food hygiene, tourism, meat safety, hotel licensing and restaurant. The online courses offer blended learning using a number of resources. Meat Processing (Meat Safety) Certificate IV, Food Safety Supervisor Statement of Attainment, Hospitality Certificate I, Hotel Licensees Short Course, Tourism Certificate IV etc. are some of the courses available in this discipline.

Information Technology

Certificate II, Certificate III and Advance Diploma courses are available online in the discipline of Information Technology. Information, Digital Media and Technology Support, Information Technology Project Management Advanced Diploma, Information Technology Curriculum Certificate II etc. are some of the courses provided by OTEN.

8 TAFE Online Courses

The courses are meant for all levels; entry level to experienced professionals. The courses include all the software applications and technical support. A number of job sectors in the field of IT like retail, entertainment, government, education etc. and all the skills required to do these jobs can be developed using these courses.

Travel and Tourism

The levels of courses available in the discipline of Travel and Tourism are Certificate II, Statement of Attainment and TAFE NSW Attendance Certificate. The courses help the students to develop the basic skills required for making a career in travel and tourism.

Tourism Certificate IV, Tourism Certificate II, Hotel Licensees Short Course, Conduct Airfares and Computer Reservation Systems TAFE Transcript, Beginning Skills in LOTE: French TAFE NSW Attendance Certificate and Beginning Skills in LOTE: French TAFE NSW Attendance Certificate courses are some of these courses. The courses would help the students to experience and discover other cultures.

Health Services

Certificate III and Certificate IV level courses are available. These courses include Disability Certificate III, Home & Community Care Certificate III, Mental Health Certificate IV etc. These are accredited courses and help the medical professionals improve their knowledge and skills.

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