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Top 6 Swedish Language Courses

By on January 14, 2013

Top 6 Swedish Language CoursesSwedish is the native language of Sweden which also has 5 other national minority languages associated with it. Since 1st July, 2009, Swedish is the main language spoken in the country protected under the new language law. The language has some words common to German and French languages while it is similar to Danish and Norwegian. Around 10 million people speak this language.

And hence, it has the largest number of speakers among all the North German languages. It is also spoken in some regions of Finland and Aland Island.

List of Top Swedish Courses at Various Universities

Stockholm University

The Department of Scandinavian Languages offer a number of Swedish courses, especially for the international students. The language programmes focus on Swedish language and Scandinavian language. The international students can apply for these programmes via number of modes like student exchange programme, scholarship programme and research based studies or in doctoral programme.

The department conducts placement tests for students having some knowledge of Swedish language. Under Bachelor studies programmes, 200 full time and 1900 free standing courses are available.

Swedish as a foreign language can also be studied in the university. Those who have completed upper secondary education and have knowledge in Swedish language or have completed either full time studies or one semester, can apply for this course. This course is available in two levels; intermediate level and qualifying level.

Students can apply for Tisus exam which is an internationally recognised test for proficiency in Swedish language. Tisus stands for Test In Swedish for University Studies and is an advanced level exam for students and university teachers as well. Master’s programme is available for those who have completed their Bachelor degree in Swedish language. Exchange studies and guest studies programmes are also available in the university.

Stockholm School of Economics

The school provides Swedish program that is based on studies related to Swedish language and the culture of Sweden. The program is taught in English and includes visiting museums, Government agencies and events like Nobel Prize Ceremony. Under this programme, students get an opportunity to know the country and Swedes people, to understand the political, social and economic issues in the nation. Located in the centre of Stockholm, the school enrols 2000 students in various undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Stockholm School of Economics

Each semester, students learn various courses related to liberal arts. The program is sponsored by various colleges and universities of America, and is affiliated to the Stockholm School of Economics which is one of the best colleges in the world. A number of clubs, event, organizations and facilities are arranged for students through which they can interact with lot of Swedes people.

The course involves a lot of fun activities along with the studies. 2 days boat trip is organized in every semester under the orientation period. Moreover, trips to Swedish heritage, Viking dinner, hiking, bicycling like activities are involved apart from conducting lectures.

Uppsala University

Under the student exchange programme, a basic Swedish course is taught which is of 40 teaching hours and is conducted as a part time course during the semester. Three courses are available in the university; Basic Swedish, Intensive Basic Swedish and the EILC course in Swedish. Basic course is offered in each semester while the other two courses are conducted in summer. All the courses are free of charge for exchange students.

Uppsala University

The Basic Swedish course is held in August every year. 4 weeks intensive beginner’s course is conducted at the university each year. It is administered by the Uppsala University International Office. The course is conducted twice a day; in the evening and in the morning. The Department of Scandinavian Languages at the university provides courses like Advanced Studies in Modern Swedish. There is a research group available for National Tests in Swedish and Swedish as a second language.

Swedish Institute

The institute provides courses in Swedish as foreign language courses which are only conducted in summer. Abroad students studying in intermediate or advanced level studies in Swedish language can apply for scholarships available with these courses. Beginner level international summer courses are not provided at the Swedish Institute. Students can also apply for scholarships for various courses. Around 400 scholarships are provided at the institute to students and researchers every year.

The international level summer courses are conducted in cooperation with Folk High Schools in Sweden. 5 language lessons are conducted every day and few hours are spent outside the classroom for teamwork and individual studies. Other summer courses viz. Glossa Swedish Summer Courses in Uppsala, Uppsala International Summer Session, Folkuniversitetet and The Royal Society for Swedish Culture Abroad are also available at the university. Other than this, web course in Swedish is available and is basically for beginners.

The course gives basic oral and written knowledge of Swedish language apart from providing understanding of Swedish culture and society. Online courses in Swedish available at the institute can be pursued online or via distance mode. Excursion trips are usually arranged during the courses which are mandatory for completion of courses. Students need to complete at least 1 year, 100 hours or more than 100 hours at the university.

Linkopings University

The university provides Qualifying Course in Swedish for non-native speakers. It is a full time course, held in two terms for 1 year which provides basic knowledge in Swedish language that helps the students to qualify for university level courses.

Linkopings University

After passing the final exam students can get admission in universities and colleges where they have applied to study. Single subject courses are also available which are taught in Swedish in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at the university. Students earn credits and points after completion of courses.

Malardalen University

The university provides Scandinavian studies in three parts; Scandinavian studies 1, Scandinavian studies 2 and Scandinavian studies 3. Scandinavian studies 1 is based on language and society, Scandinavian studies 2 focuses on language and culture while Scandinavian studies 3 provides education in language, history and literature.

These courses are an international level studies available for Swedish students and foreign students as well. These three courses are offered as full time programmes and last for one semester each. Scandinavian studies 1 and Scandinavian studies 2 can also be completed together as one complete package.

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