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Top 5 Universities In Germany

By on January 3, 2013

Germany is one of the best European countries for pursuing higher education. It is officially called the Federal Republic of Germany and is located in the west central region of Europe. The country provides internationally recognised educational programmes in wide range of disciplines. Research areas provided by the universities are beyond comparison offering postdoctoral research degrees. The universities also provide diploma and short term language courses.

German universities are listed among the prestigious universities of not only in Europe but in the whole world. Academic Ranking of World Universities has ranked German universities among the top 100 universities in the world. German and English are the main languages for teaching at the universities.

List of Top German Universities

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, Esslingen

Known mainly for education in social sciences, management and engineering, it is a public university located in Esslingen city. It is a public university, established in 1968. The university has 3 campuses viz. Esslingen City Centre Campus, Esslingen Hilltop Campus and Goppingen Campus.

Top 5 Universities In Germany

It has 11 faculties in the disciplines of Natural Sciences, Management, Automotive Engineering, Graduate School, Basic Sciences, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics & Electrical Engineering, Social Work, Health Care and Nursing Sciences, Building Services, Energy and Environmental Engineering, and Engineering Management.

Around 5977 students are studying in the university in 25 Bachelor and 12 Master level programmes. For research studies, the university has 55 well-established laboratories. It has partnerships with around 50 other universities.

It is always listed among the best universities in Germany. It has been ranked 1st for the disciplines of Mechanical Engineering and Business Engineering among all the universities of applied sciences. The university library contains huge collections of books, journals etc. related to the core disciplines.

FH Aachen, North Rhine-Westfalia

Founded in 1971, the university is located in the most populous state of Germany, North Rhine-Westfalia. It has 4 urban campuses in the Aachen city and 1 rural campus in the Julich city. Also called Aachen University of Applied Sciences, it enrols around 10320 students in various undergraduate and graduate courses.

Top Universities In Germany

It provides specializations in engineering, design, business and technology. It is a public university and has been ranked 1st in the disciplines of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering among all the universities of Applied Sciences.

The university is organised into 10 faculties viz. Architecture, Civil Engineering, Chemistry and Biotechnology, Arts and Design, Electrical Engineering and IT, Aerospace Engineering, Business Studies, Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, Medical Technology and Applied Mathematics, and Energy Technolgy.

It also has an institute for the fresh students to prepare them for the university programs. It is known as Freshman Institute and is located within the university itself.

Jacobs University Bremen, Bremen

Abbreviated as IUB, it is also called International University Bremen. It is a private university, established in Bremen City in the Northwestern region of Germany. Founded in 2001, around 1370 students are enrolled in the university. It is an independent and not for profit residential university. It is fully accredited by the German Council of Science and Humanities, and many other accreditation bodies.

Universities In Germany

The university provides degrees like Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Executive Master, Master of Science, Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy. The research centres are focussed in areas like Energy and Environment, Peace and Conflict Management, Food, Water and Health and, Education, Information and Communication.

The university is divided into various schools viz. BIGSS (Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences), SES (School of Engineering and Science), SHSS (School of Humanities and Social Sciences) and JCLL (Jacobs Centre on Lifelong Learning and Institutional Development). Under the language program, the university provides courses in the languages like Spanish, German and French.

It has a dedicated language lab and computing facilities providing language studies in more than 20 languages. Various student clubs offered at the university include sports and arts clubs. Students get a chance to participate in various sports like soccer, basketball, rugby, cricket and enjoy cultural activities like dance, music, martial arts, games etc.

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RWTH Aachen University, North Rhine Westphalia

It is a public university, established in 1870. Around 35813 students are studying in the university in various courses. It is located in the Aachen city of North Rhine Westphalia. The university is divided into 9 faculties constituting 260 institutes that provide 126 courses of undergraduate and graduate level.

List of Top German Universities

The various faculties are in the disciplines of Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Science, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Georesources and Materias Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Arts and Humanities, School of Buisness and Economics, and Medicine.

It has 13 research centres and offers 20 research training programs. The university has been ranked 1st in various disciplines by the Wirtschaftswoche magazine in 2011 and 2012. It has partnerships with other universities of Europe. The university has a central library with other branch libraries and 150 departmental libraries consisting of lakhs of printed volumes, 4000 journals and other resources.

Berlin Institute of Technology (TU Berlin), Berlin

It is also abbreviated as TUB (Technology University of Berlin) and was established in 1879. It is a public university situated in Berlin and enrols 29675 students. The QS World University Rankings has ranked the university as 46th in the field of Engineering & Technology among other universities in the world. It is one of the prestigious and largest universities in Germany. It has produced a number of Nobel Prize winners and eminent educationists.

Top German Universities

The university is organised into various schools in the disciplines of Humanities, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Process Sciences and Engineering, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering & Transport Systems, Planning, Building and Environment, and Economics and Management.

The main library of the university named Volkswagen Library consists of millions of books, journals etc. The former 17 libraries and library at University of the Arts were combined and thus a new library was made.

Many Nobel Prize winners, engineers, physicists, chemists are the alumni of this university. The university offers a number of cross disciplinary research competencies in the areas of Engineering, Computer Science, Humanities, Planning and Management, Mathematics and Natural Sciences. It is considered as one of the prestigious research universities in Germany.

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