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Top 5 Universities For Global MBA

By on December 21, 2012

The prestigious Ivy League business schools top the list of management colleges worldwide. The rankings may slightly vary, based on the rating agencies, still the list of top 5 b schools remains almost unanimously accepted. It can be difficult to choose an MBA program, and more so to select the best management school to meet your  needs. The costs are very high and it takes two years to finish a traditional MBA program.

The ranking agencies analyze many factors like the size of the class, brand value of the college, network of contacts that can be established, and the degree offered. These  agencies do not necessarily use the similar criteria to rate an institution. But it can not be argued that what matters the most is the brand value which helps one to build an exceptionally good career.

The aspirants seeking admissions at these schools admit that they keep the network of contacts on top of their selection criteria. Then come the other important factors : the skills and knowledge acquired and the degree earned. The MBA degrees and the executive programs are more sought after than the PhD.

List of Universities For Global MBA

Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Top 5 Universities For Global MBA

It is the oldest among the Ivy League institutions. The degree programs offered are BS Econ, MBA and PhD. In addition they co-sponsor many diploma programs. Their PhD programs have 10 disciplines. The highest number of electives, 19 majors are offered here. They include health care systems, real estate, insurance and risk management.The students have flexibility in the options to earn a dual degree.

Harvard Business School(HBS), Harvard University

The school offers MBA, PhD and DBA(D.B.A.). A DBA is a degree of Doctor of Business Administartion. A DBA student undertakes applied research as against theoretical research and evolves business practices One can apply online for an MBA program. Their PhD is open in eight management stream. At Harvard, a Business Plan Contest is regular feature where the students collaborate with the prominent companies or social enterprises to come up with ‘for-profit’ and the ‘social enterprise’ plan.

Stanford Business School(GSB), Stanford University

The GSB offers MBA degree, a two year, full-time residential program with a focus on general business manangement. The Sloan’s Masters Program and a PhD program.

global mba universities

The Sloan’s Masters is for mid-career executives, leading to a master of scince degree(MS) and lasts only ten months. Many joint degree programs including Education and Law are also available. The GSB has the honour of the highest applicants to available seats ratio.

London Business School(LBS), University of London

LBS is the most renowned b school in the UK. The degrees offered are full-time and executive  MBA, and a PhD. It is the best and top ranked b school in Europe. They too have a fellowship program for the business executives and also offer Master in Finance( MiF) which is a finance specialist program.

Columbia Business School

top mba universities

The school is closely associated with Wall Street. This school has been associated with 13 Nobel Prize winners in Economics. At Columbia , one a prsue a dual degree program alongwith an MBA in ten other disciplines like dental medicine and journalism. They offer a Doctoral program in five areas of management, and also have an executive MBA.

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