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Top 5 French Courses In The World

By on January 11, 2013

French is the native language of France but also spoken in some of the regions of Canada, America, Switzerland etc. It is an official language of European countries and many international organizations. It is also used as second language in many countries and taught as third language in some nations. International students take keen interest in learning French language, especially those who come to France for higher studies.

Learning French helps in career as well and create a number of job openings as translators, interpreters and teachers. Thus, universities have started French courses under a separate discipline or department where French is taught from beginner to expert level.

List of Top French Courses in the World

University of Pune, India

The Department of Foreign Languages at the University of Pune in the Pune city of India offers beginners to advanced level courses in French language. It is one of the departments of Arts and Fine Arts school in the university. It was started in the university in 1949 and enrols around 1500 students in various courses every year.

Top 5 French Courses In The World

The courses are meant for students as well as working professionals. Under postgraduate programmes which are conducted on full time basis, MA, MPhil and PhD degrees are provided to the university students. Apart from the degree programmes, short term courses viz. certificate, diploma, intensive certificate, special diploma and advanced diploma are provided.

The special diplomas are available with subjects as Commercial French and Teaching of French. These short courses are conducted as part time programmes and classes are held during morning and evening time. The unique part of these programmes is that the evaluation is done on the basis of credits earned by the students rather than by conducting exams.

The courses not only help the students to learn the language but also make them understand the culture and literature of France. After studying the course, students can apply for jobs of interpretation and translation. Scholarships are also provided to the students from French Government after completion of MA in French.

The university has student exchange programs with French nations. Plays, competitions, debates etc. are organized from time to time in the department. The department has a library that contains good resources for teaching and literature in French.

University of Waterloo, Canada

The university has Department of French Studies that provide courses related to French language, research, culture, linguistics and literature. The French courses offered at the university not only help the students in improving their language skills but also prepare them for making a career and finding jobs such as translation, teaching, interpretation etc.

Top French Courses In The World

The department has laboratory facility that contains a number of technical and software materials. French Language I and French Language II are certificate courses provided to the students. Undergraduate courses in the department include 3 year and 4 year General French, Honours French, Joint Honours French, French Minor etc.

Master of Arts in French and PhD in French are the postgraduate courses available under Graduate Studies Program. Students can use the self help materials in the reading rooms. A number of awards, scholarships, prizes and bursaries are provided on the basis of merit and financial needs.

Under the French Teaching Specialization course, BA in French from University of Waterloo and BEd from Nipissing University are provided to the students. Various study abroad programs in other European countries are also provided viz. Nantes Program and Paris Exchange Program. Students completing such programs are awarded with Global Experience Certificates.

The comprehensive library consists of a large number of collections of periodicals, journals, book titles etc. The research areas available include comedy, cultural studies, linguistics, literary theory, medieval literature etc. International research grants including travel and living expenses are provided to the university students. Seminars and workshops are conducted in the department from time to time.

University of Cambridge, London

The top university of the world, Cambridge has one the departments in the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages named as the Department of French. The undergraduate courses at the university are divided into different parts of French Language Papers while postgraduate courses include PhD and MPhil courses.

Top 5 French Courses

MPhil courses have specializations viz. European Literature and Culture, Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (French), and Screen Media and Cultures. Cutting edge research facilities are provided at the university and a number of research seminars are also conducted.

French section of the university library contains 12000 volumes of books, French films, videos and provides excellent facilities. It is one of the 5 copyright libraries in the United Kingdom. The language centre at the university provides grammatical courses and other study materials.

The computer assisted language learning facility in the university integrates computing to teaching and research studies. The Cambridge University French Society promotes French language and culture by conducting events, activities, debates etc. A large number of online resources related to French language are available in the department.

University of Manchester, United Kingdom

University Language Centre at the University of Manchester provides French courses of two types viz. General Courses and Specialist Courses. A range of levels are available in General courses viz. Beginners, Introductory, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Post-Intermediate, Further, Tandem, Advanced and Proficient. These courses have two semesters and the classes are conducted for 3 hours per week.

French Courses In The World

Under the specialist courses, French courses are available in the discipline of Business which is of Further and Advanced types, Science and Engineering discipline of Post-GCSE and Further type, Medicine of Advanced type and another is French for Professional Purposes.

Sarbonne University of Paris, France

French Language and Culture Courses are provided in the university and include beginners to advanced levels courses in French. These courses are open to any individual and provide certificate of completion. More than 1 lakh students from all the countries in the world have been benefited from such courses.

Best Colleges For French Courses

The courses constitute practical courses, phonetics laboratory and lectures. Students can apply for scholarships available with these courses. Various excursions and cultural activities are also part of the study programmes.

These programmes are actually provided by the Centre for Study Abroad in America. It has been providing French courses across the globe since 1990 and the programmes at the University of Paris are part of those programmes.

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