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Top 5 Film Colleges In India

By on October 27, 2012

A 70mm feature film is a delicacy prepared with unfaltering tirelessness, immense creativity and undeterred hard work. It commands a great degree of adeptness, precision and the ability to turn the blueprint into a visual delight. There are thousands of people who are born with an inbuilt talent which makes their way to stardom easier.

However, there are millions of others who only have an inbuilt passion for cinema and film making but are not as talented. Such are the people who defy their destinies and hone their endowed skills to fulfil their dreams. This is where Film Schools come into the picture.

Every year thousands of aspiring film makers get themselves enrolled in numerous colleges and institutes claiming to produce cinematic stalwarts. But what is important is for these individuals to not be trapped by alluring baits and conduct a proper research before investing their precious time and money. At times, rash or not-so-well thought decisions make us pay a hefty price.

In order to assist you in your pursuit of dreams, enlisted below are the top Film Making institutes in India which are known for turning coal into diamonds. So, if you are blinded by the flashing claims of money mongering film schools and can’t find the right path simply cast a look at the following institutes.

Best Film Schools In India

Film and Television Institute of India, Pune

Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) is the numero uno Film Making School in the country today. Established in 1960, FTII is a self governing body under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting whose associations are stretched as far as the International Liaison Centre of Schools of Cinema and Television.

Top 5 Film Colleges In India

Big names feature in the long list of FTII pass outs including celebrated actors and directors of the likes of Amrish Puri, Jaya Bachhan, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Shabana Azmi, Smita Patil, Om Puri, Prakash Jha, Naseeruddin Shah, Mahesh Bhatt, Rajkumar Hirani and many more.

The courses served by this reputed institute accommodate only 12 seats in each discipline such as Post Graduate Diploma courses in Direction, Cinematography, Sound Recording and Sound Design and Editing which last for three years and require a Bachelor’s Degree for qualification.

Apart from these, the offering includes Post Graduate Diplomas in Acting, Art Direction and Production Design, certificate course in Screenplay Writing and separate certificate courses specifically for Television such as Video Editing, Direction, Sound Recording and TV Engineering. There is an exclusive entrance examination conducted for admission to each course.

Satyajit Ray Films and Television Institute (SRFTI), Kolkata

1995 was the year when in the fond memories of the acknowledged film director Satyajit Ray the foundation stone was laid for Satyajit Ray Films and Television Institute which went on to become a notable name in the Indian film industry. Boasting of an impressive tally of alumni SRFTI is well equipped with a world class infrastructure constituting of a Main Theatre, a Preview Theatre, an Open Theatre, Studios, Library and Class rooms with home theatres installed in them.

top film colleges

The Post Graduate Programme in Cinema offered by SRFTI allows students to specialise in a number of fields like Direction and Screenplay Writing, Editing, Cinematography, Production and Sound Recording and Design in a span of three years. Interested candidates holding a Bachelor’s Degree can apply for admission and seek a place for themselves depending upon their performance in the written examination and interactive orientation session.

Centre for Research in Art of Films and Television (CRAFT), Delhi

Presenting a plethora of courses on its platter, Centre for Research in Art of Films and Television is known for its academic superiority as well as unparalleled client services. Apart from the regular film making courses such as Direction, Editing, Cinematography and Screenplay CRAFT offers a number of distinct programmes such as those in Wedding Planning, Radio Jockeying, Acting and Modelling, Photography and videography, TV Journalism, News anchoring and News reading, PR- Advertising and Event Management.

Aspiring film makers can even pursue distance learning courses from CRAFT. There are separate admission procedures for Indian and international students. Students holding a degree bearing the name of this institute are known to bag respectable pay packages in various fields.

ZEE Institute of Media Arts (ZIMA), Mumbai

ZEE Networks is a household name in the Film and Television industry flaunting big brands under its umbrella like ZEE TV, ZEE News, ZEE Cinema etc. This makes clenching a seat at ZEE Institute of Media Arts no less than an achievement. ZIMA provides four different categories of courses varying in curriculum and duration.

film institute in india

Hands on Film Making is a one of its kind cinematic course which familiarizes students with even the most minute and intricate details of film production from the scratch under the expert and personalised guidance of cinema moguls. Under the head of Degree Courses come the Master’s, Bachelor’s and Diploma programmes in Film Making.

The third division is called Autodesk Courses which are 2 to 8-month courses dealing with additional details of 2D, 3D, Effects, Titles, Project and Showreel, Smoke Interface, Keying, Animation, Color Correction, Project Management, Stabilizer etc. Finally there are the short term courses imparted on weekends concerning Acting, Direction, Cinematography, Ad Film Making etc. Candidates can register themselves online for admissions and further formalities.

Barry John Acting Studio, Mumbai

The one name which rings in everyone’s head on the mention of Barry John is none other than that of the iconic superstar Shah Rukh Khan. Not only him there are numerous other names like Frieda Pinto, Manoj Vajpayee etc. touching the heights of stardom with only one man to be accredited for it, Barry John.

Although primarily noted for producing spectacular actors, Barry John Acting Studio also grants Direction and Cinematography lessons to prospective film makers. Other than this, there are theatre workshops organised from time to time by Barry John Acting Studio along with weekend classes offering certificate courses and programmes for kids. Online registration service can be availed by interested students.

Apart from these institutes, there are many other prestigious Film Making institutes in India conceiving bright stars such as Asian Academy of Film and Television, Whistling Woods International and Delhi Film Institute. There is no dearth of Film Schools but what is required is a thorough scrutiny before a final college is culled.

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