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Top 5 Colleges In Spain

By on January 7, 2013

Spain is officially known as the Kingdom of Spain. It is the 5th largest country in Europe and, has many colleges and universities in various cities. Spanish and English are the mostly used teaching languages in the country. The Spanish universities have a large number of partnerships with other universities within Europe and other countries in the world.

Thus, various study abroad, student exchange and international study programs are provided by almost all the universities. Also, a number of scholarships and grants are available for degree and research programmes including the fellowships. Language courses are also very common among the Spanish universities. Madrid city of Spain is the most populated and is a home to many universities and colleges.

List of Top Colleges in Spain

Autonomous University of Barcelona

Abbreviated as UAB, the university was ranked as the best Spanish university in 2012 by the QS World University Rankings. It was established in 1968 and currently enrols 3660 students in various courses. It is a public university near Barcelona city in Spain. The university provides 85 degree courses, 130 master and 79 PhD level courses.

Top 5 Colleges In Spain

More than 700 continuing education programmes are available at the university. The university has 3 campuses specializing in teaching & research, technology, business & health, and health sciences. It has a number of academic departments, research centres and university hospitals.

The university is organized into 12 faculties viz. Faculty of Biosciences, Faculty of Communication Studies, Faculty of Economics and Business Studies, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, Faculty of Political Science and Technology, Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and one school of engineering.

Apart from this, the university provides language programmes in various languages like Italian, English, Japanese, Spanish, French and German. International study programmes and student exchange programmes are also available. Research areas are available in the disciplines of health sciences, experimental and technological sciences, humanities and social sciences. It offers research grants and scholarships to university students.

Autonomous University of Madrid

Established in 1968, the University of Madrid is a public university. It has 32206 undergraduate and 3912 postgraduate students studying in various disciplines. Located in the Spain’s capital city, Madrid; it is a public university. The Times Higher Education Supplement ranked the university as 1st among all the universities in Spain. The university is well known for its Faculty of Law.

Top Colleges In Spain

It is organised into various faculties and schools viz. Faculty of Science, Faculty of Economics, School of Law, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, School of Psychology, Faculty of Medicine, School of Engineering, University Studies Center La Salle, School of Nursing of the Red Cross and School of Nursing of the Jimenez Diaz Foundation. Degrees, Diplomas, Official Master’s and Doctoral level programmes are provided at the university. It offers a wide range of grants, scholarships and fellowships to the students.

The university also provides excellent research facilities as it has a number of research centres and institutes. Various double international degrees are offered at undergraduate and graduate levels. It has partnerships with a number of universities to provide student exchange and study abroad programs.

IE University

Founded in 1997, it is a private university. Around 2085 students are currently studying in the university in various courses. International students from around 75 countries are enrolled in university courses. The university is located in the Community of Madrid as the main campus while other campuses are in the cities of Segovia and in the community of Castile and Leon. The academic programs are taught in both the languages of Spanish and English.

Colleges In Spain

The university’s undergraduate programs are available in the disciplines of psychology, architecture, financial sciences, communication, history, business administration, biology, tourism and international relations. It also has a school providing education in business studies. The language centre at the university provides English and Spanish language courses.

Apart from providing degree programmes, dual degrees are also offered in the university. Having partnerships with other universities, it provides student exchange programs. The Executive MBA programme at the university’s business school has been ranked as 4th in the world by the Economist.

In addition to providing academic facilities, the university provides athletics facilities in sports like football, judo, swimming, boxing, table tennis, badminton etc. Various student clubs are available for the students at the university. The Education Times of India has ranked the university as 9th in Europe for innovation and technologies. The university’s library consists of 4500 journals, 1000 e-books and 36000 printed titles.

James I University

Abbreviated as UJI, the university was established in 1991. It offers 28 various degree and diploma level courses and, enrols around 13500 students. The university has partnerships with 145 universities from United States, Europe and Latin America.

Best Colleges In Spain

It is structured into faculties and schools viz. School of Technology and Experimental Sciences, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and Faculty of Law and Economics. Schools have departmental and pre-departmental units. For carrying out research studies, the university has various research institutes.

The university provides undergraduate, graduate and diploma programmes in various disciplines. International degree and diploma courses are also available. Language courses including Spanish and other languages are also provided. The university provides socio-cultural facilities in areas like musical, dramatic arts, audio-visual arts, trainings and summer courses. Other than this, excellent sports facilities are available for the students.

King Johns Carlos University

Located in the city of Mostoles, the university was founded in 1996. It is a public university and enrols more than 31000 students in various courses. It is the largest university in the Community of Madrid. The university is divided into faculties in the disciplines of health sciences, law, social sciences, tourism, communication sciences and one institute. It has two schools viz. School of Engineering and School of Telecommunication Engineering. It also has research centres and institutes.

The university provides diploma, degree, dual degree, double degree, master and doctoral level degree. Sports facilities in the university include tennis courts, handball, rugby field, volleyball, football field, gym, soccer field etc.

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