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Top 5 Best Medical Colleges In London

By on January 9, 2013

London is the one of the foremost options to study medicine from, as it is home to a number of medical colleges and universities. It also has the largest medical school in Europe. Various research centres, institutes and research groups available in all the medical colleges provide incomparable research opportunities that have produced a number of successful surgeons, doctors, neurologists and the list is just endless.

The facilities like laboratories, equipments, library resources, infrastructure etc. of London medical colleges are listed among the world’s best.

List of Top Medical Colleges in London

University of Cambridge

Cambridge university is a public university which has been ranked 2nd in the discipline of Biomedicine. The School of Medicine Science at the University of Cambridge provides medical education in the disciplines of Structural Biology applied to Medicine, Cell Biology, Medical Imaging and Bioinformatics.

Top 5 Best Medical Colleges In London

MB/PhD programme, trainings for PhD and postdoctoral research associates are offered to the medical students. It is associated to a number of teaching hospitals. The Cambridge Graduate course in medicine is accredited by the General Medical Council.

The school is organised into various departments viz. Clinical Biochemistry, Clinical Neurosciences, Haematology, Medical Genetics, Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Oncology, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Public Health &Primary Care, Radiology and Surgery constituting research units and institutes.

Under the educational programs of Graduate Studies, the research courses include PhD, MD, MRes+PhD, MB/PhD and MPhil in Medical Science while the research taught programmes include MPhil in the disciplines of Clinical Science, Epidemiology and Public Health. The clinical programmes includes Clinical Foundation Year, Clinical Fellows and Clinical Lecturer.

Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine

Simply called as Imperial College London, the university has Faculty of Medicine which is one of the largest faculties in the Europe. The faculty was founded in 1997 and has become a leading medical school in the world.

Top Best Medical Colleges In London

The Complete University Guide has ranked the university as 3rd in Europe for the discipline of Medicine. Various departments and schools available in the faculty include Department of Medicine, Institute of Clinical Sciences, National Heart and Lung Institute, School of Public Health and, Department of Surgery and Cancer.

Every year around 300 medical students are enrolled in undergraduate courses at the university. Various undergraduate programs include 6 year MBBS/BSc Medicine, 4 year Graduate Entry MBBS, Intercalated BSc courses and BSc Biomedical Science.

The postgraduate programs include Clinical Maser’s, Science-based Master’s, MEd and PhD, MRes, PG Certificate, PG Diploma, Certificate of Advance Level and other short courses.

There are a number of research centres and institutes that provides world class research studies in medicine and clinical trials. These centres have well-established research laboratories and other facilities. Apart from this, Postgraduate Clinical Academic Training programme is also provided to the university students. A number of fellowship awards and scholarships are provided to the exceptional medical students.

University College of London

According to the ISI World of knowledge, the university is 1st other than North America in the discipline of clinical medicine. Founded in 1826, it is a public university and is the oldest college of the University of London.

Best Medical Colleges In London

Shortly called as UCL, it is ranked as the 9th university in the world for the discipline of medicine. The university has Faculty of Medicine that provides education in medical sciences. Other faculties like Life Sciences, Brain Sciences and Population Health Sciences are also related to medicine.

All these faculties together constitute Faculty of Life & Medical Sciences. Apart from this, other divisions and institutes of the university are also related to field of medicine viz. Eastman Dental Institute, Cancer Institute, Institute of Hepatology, Wolfson Institute of Biomedical Research, Division of Medicine and Division of Surgery & Interventional Science.

The medical school of the university is one of the largest in the England. It provides undergraduate programmes like MBBS and BSc courses. Apart from this, IBSc, Foundation Training and MD PhD programmes are provided. Various clinical and professional courses are also available. A wide range of doctoral and PhD level courses are available in the university. The school is located in Bloomsbury, Royal Free and Whittington campuses.

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University of Oxford

Medical Sciences is one of the academic divisions of Oxford University. The various academic departments provide medical courses including Anaesthetics, Biochemistry, Clinical Medicine, Clinical Neurology, Clinical Neurosciences, experimental psychology, medicine, oncology, obstetrics & gynaecology, surgical sciences and many others. The university is the oldest institution in the country and has partnerships with a number of universities in the field of global health.

Best Medical Colleges

Research in a number of diseases is conducted at the university in areas like malaria, cancer, health, HIV, public health, diabetes etc. The graduate school of medical sciences in the university provides master, PhD and D.Phil. level courses. The university has been ranked as the best in the world in the field of medicine.

King’s College London

The college has School of Medicine associated with providing medical education. It is situated in London having 3 campuses in central London hospital. It is one of the best medical schools in the country. Moreover, the school is the largest in the whole Europe. The college provides MBBS, Extended Medical Degree and Graduate Medical Programs.

Medical Colleges In London

It has 6 MRC centre in the disciplines of asthma, neurobiology, neurodegenerative research, social genetic and developmental psychiatry, transplantation, and environment & health. A number of surgeons, anaesthetists, pathologists and many other medical professionals are the university’s alumni.

Various undergraduate, postgraduate, research degrees, professional short courses, clinical academic training and programmes for international students are provided at the college. A number of biomedical and health sciences programmes are available in the King’s Bioscience Institute, a part of medical school of King’s College.

The college has a number of research divisions, research centres & institutes and research groups that provide excellent research facilities. The research laboratories are well-established having major research facilities like biological services unit, centre for ultra structural imaging, imaging scanning facility and MRI scanner.

There are small research facilities also other than the major ones. It also has research partnerships with NIHR research centres specializing in mental health, patient safety & service quality, and research centre at NHS foundation trust.

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