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Top 4 Spanish Courses

By on January 11, 2013

Spanish is a native language of Spain and is one of the official languages in various European countries. Like other European languages, Spanish is also a famous language which a large number of non-native speakers like to study. It is also spoken in some regions of the United States like New York City and Chicago, as a second language. It is taught as a foreign language in various universities across the globe. Studying Spanish in Spanish universities gives an extraordinary knowledge of the language and the culture as well.

List of Top Spanish Courses in Universities

Salamanca University, Salamanca

Spanish language courses in the oldest university of Spain, Salamanca University, are of three types; intensive courses, semester courses and summer courses. These courses vary from 2 week programs to one year programs. The university has qualified Spanish teachers for teaching the courses.

List of Top Spanish Courses in Universities

Anyone can attend these courses and the only criteria is that one should be at least 17 years of age. The intensive courses are available from 2 weeks to a month and a variety of options are available to the students from 15, 20 or 25 hours per week.

Almost all levels of programmes are available in the university from beginners to advanced levels. The semester courses are organised into 3 semesters and each semester is 10 weeks long. Advanced level of program in Hispanic Studies is of one year duration. The university’s summer courses are short term and long term programs as well that last for 2,4,6 or 8 weeks.

A 90% attendance in the courses provides the students a Certificate of Attendance while passing the language exam provides them Diploma or degree and that qualification makes them eligible to teach Spanish. The facilities provided at the university include university library, sports facilities and computer centre. Students can participate in various cultural and special activities.

Malaga University, Malaga

A number of language and cultural courses are provided at the university in Malaga. No educational qualification is required to enrol in these courses except the fact that one should be at least 16 years old. Both short and long term courses are available. Various Spanish courses available at the university include semester courses, summer courses, intensive courses, individual courses and DELE courses.

Top Spanish Courses in Universities

The semester courses range from beginner to master level. Summer courses are conducted monthly and are of 5 levels. Classes for summer courses are conducted 4 hours per day. Intensive monthly programs are held each month and have durations of 4 weeks to several months. 5 different levels are available in the university and classes are attended 5 hours per day.

The individual courses have great flexibility as the time duration of each course and number of hours per day depend on the student. DELE preparation course is for the non-native students who want to prepare for the internationally recognised exam in Spanish called DELE.

Students who complete 80% attendance in the class room courses get a Certificate of Attendance while those who pass the Spanish final exam get a certificate. Another certificate provided to the students is Sufficiency in Spanish Language.

To get certified with it, students must attend at least 1 month course and pass the language exam. The diploma level courses available in the university include Diploma in Hispanic Studies and Diploma of Higher Hispanic Studies.

For obtaining Diploma of Hispanic Studies, students need to attend course of at least 4 months duration, should have 80% attendance, pass the sufficiency exam and should have completed 8 hours of Spanish courses. Students who want to get Diploma of Higher Hispanic Studies should have attended courses of at least 8 months duration, have 80% attendance, pass the exam and study at least 16 Spanish culture courses.

Columbia University, United States

The university provides two academic programmes in French language viz. French Cultural Studies in a Global Context, and French and Romance Philology. The French Cultural Studies in a Global Context is an MA program which is conducted as full time course. The program was started in 1993 and is held in Reid Hall in Paris. The program is unique as it is based on the French Society and studying the diverse culture. Students need to write an MA essay in English under this programme.

Spanish Courses in Universities

A number of opportunities open up after completing the program viz. positions in Unites States or Europe in various disciplines like business, journalism, publishing, editing and translating etc. French and Romance Philology is an academic department of the university offering full time degrees viz. MA, MPhil and PhD. Part time programmes are also available in the department.

The program focuses on French and Francophone literature & cultures. The department’s PhD program is one of the top 5 programs in the country. PhD students are also provided fellowships as financial aids. The department has an institute named Institute for Comparative Literature and Society that provides certificate course in the discipline of Comparative Literature and Society.

Barcelona University, Barcelona

Barcelona University offers a range of Spanish courses viz. Intensive Spanish Courses, Semester Spanish Courses, Summer Spanish Courses and Summer Business Spanish. The Intensive Spanish Course can range from 2 weeks to 42 weeks and require the students to complete 4 hours per day. Certificate of Completion can be obtained after passing the exam.

Top 4 Spanish Courses

Anyone who is a fast learner can apply for this program. The Semester Spanish Course helps the students to get knowledge of French grammar, written and oral communication, and comprehension skills. This program is available in 6 different levels from beginner to proficient. The courses are 12 weeks long and are conducted for 20 hours per week.

Summer Spanish Course includes classes in the morning session and cultural programs in the evening. Minimum 16 years of age is required to attend this course and on completion, the students are awarded with Certificate of Attendance .

Summer Business Spanish includes morning language classes of 20 hours duration and 7-5 evening classes of Business Spanish. The course is based on developing business and social communication skill, and cultural comprehension. These are held for 2-8 weeks and an intermediate knowledge is required for attending the course.

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