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Top 3 Careers In Advertising

By on December 5, 2011

career in advertising Advertising aims to tell prospective buyers or consumers about your products in a cost effective and attractive way. Buyers have many choices of similar products or services in a market.

Advertisement strives to persuade buyers in selecting a particular brand. Careers in advertising require integrating your creative skills with marketing objectives. You need to apply qualitative and quantitative research in this overall creative process.

Advertisement has been regarded as indispensable part of marketing and with increase in number of products, services and businesses demand of skilled and trained professionals is on rise. Advertisement has evolved from the days of simple posters and newspaper ads. Now we can see advertisement on television channels, websites and even on our cell phones. Let us focus on some top career opportunities in advertising.

Top 3 Careers In Advertising

Creative Editor

You are responsible for developing content for advertisement. This can range from writing slogan, content for leaflets, printed ads and ad jingles. Creative editor of an advertising agency is responsible for creating original ideas and presenting them. You have the opportunity to work with a team of creative professionals like art director and illustrator who are responsible for providing relevant images to your ideas.

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Creative editors have evolved from simple copywriters. As creative editor of an advertising agency you need to liaison with designers, production companies, printers and photographers in addition to writing crisp persuasive copy. Often you may require working on different projects simultaneously under supervision of a creative director.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers develop and represent the idea that has been conceived by creative editor. This is primarily done by using images and stylish fonts. Such representation plays a crucial role in drawing attention and making an impact. If you are a creative person with ability to express your thoughts through sketches then explore the possibility of building career as a graphic designer in advertising. Skills in latest software and computer aided designing are desirable to grow as a designer.

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As a graphic designer in an advertising agency you will be responsible for producing final layout with details like colors, typefaces, letter size, and all such relevant items. You also need to select suitable style and materials depending on the type of media.

A degree in graphic designing or design based subject helps you in understanding technical aspects of different designs. You need to have working knowledge in latest versions of computer design software like Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Excellent communication skills and updated knowledge about current trend and style are desirable qualities in this profession.

Advertising Media Planner

You can also plan your career in advertising as a media planner. Your job responsibility is to ensure that advertising campaigns are seen by maximum number of people belonging to target groups. You have to decide how to use different media like television, posters, internet, radio and press advertising to optimize such exposure.

top careers in advertising

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Employers will be more interested in creative instincts, quick thinking, decision making ability and business sense rather than formal qualifications. However, degree in advertising, statistics, management, marketing or media studies can give you an edge. You may also join smaller agencies in junior positions like administrators to gain experience in media planning.


Scope of work has increased and careers in advertisement have become more exciting and financially rewarding. Usually an advertiser hires an advertising agency to identify prospective customers, create and plan advertisement for different media. While planning your career in advertising, identify your strengths, skill and passion.

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