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SAT Test Scores Explanation And Analysis

By on September 15, 2012

SAT Test ScoresSAT, the exam is conducted for students who want to secure admission in the top colleges of U.S. Good scores can help you in getting your dream college. Also, some scholarships or financial aids are also provided on the basis of this test. Not only this the scores of SAT exam depict your command over the English language and your capability to utilize your skills. Thus, scores are very important as the kind of college degree you will be awarded with in the future, depends on these scores.

Once you pass the exam, you receive scores on the basis of your performance. How to analyze your scores and performance? Also, whether you need to reappear in the test or not, only your scores will tell. Let’s discuss and do some observation about SAT scores in detail.

Receiving Scores Online

Scores are received after three weeks of taking the test in the “My SAT” section of the College Board website which is password protected and is called My Organizer. Log in to the My Organizer with the username and password you used while registering for the test and view your scores. Full score report can be viewed in My SAT area which will describe your mean score and your score in comparison to others. You can also view your essay online.

Your scores are also sent to all the universities, colleges, schools, scholarship offering organizations and many more. Moreover, you can send your four SAT scores at no cost. Extra fee is charged if you want an additional report to be sent to universities, colleges etc. You can also order your response sheet under “student score verification service” but for only SAT exam.

Scores via Mail

Those who registered for SAT via mail can get a paper copy of their scores. You can also request the scores to be sent within 2 business days. It is called rushing service. It can be ordered online via credit card or can be ordered via mail with the money order payable to The College Board at the below address: SAT Program, P.O. Box 8057, Mt. Vernon, IL 62864

Calculation of Sat Scores

Raw Score

First, raw score is calculated and then your final score. Raw score is calculated on the basis of correct and incorrect responses by the students. For every correct answer, 1 point is given while for every wrong answer, 1/4 point is subtracted from the scores. Nothing is subtracted for an unattempted question.

Points subtracted for incorrect answers in SAT Subject tests are somehow different. 1/4 point is subtracted for a 5-choice question, 1/3 point subtracted for a 4-choice question and 1/2 point subtracted for a question having 3 choices. Also, in SAT Subject test, subscores are reported on a 20-80 scale.

Scaled Score

Statistical analysis is done on these scores. It is ensured that your score does not depend on what others have scored but will be on the basis of how well you have performed in your test. Scores are scaled on 200-800 scale basis by a statistical process called equating which gives you the final score. It shows how well you have performed in the particular section.

sat scores analysis

However, essay is scored differently in SAT. Two qualified persons analyze and score your essay. If there’s a difference of even 1 point in their scores, the essay is again scored by the scoring director.

Score Explanation

Score Range

It gives multiple snapshots of your score. It shows your true ability. The score range is always 30-40 points above or below your ability.

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Average Score

It is the score obtained by all the recent SAT scores.


It shows how you have performed among all those who appeared in the test. If you score 60 percentile, it shows you performed better than 60% candidates who took the test in the previous year.

Writing Section Subscore

It contributes 30% to your raw score. These are reported on a 2-12 scale. It is a 25 minute essay and is scored from 1 to 6 points by two readers independently.

Cancellation of Scores

After appearing in the test, if you feel you have not done your best or want to appear again; you can cancel your scores. Also, if you faced problems with the equipments or machines during the test like listening etc. you can report to the exam supervisor directly and cancel your scores.

You can cancel on the same day after coming out of the examination centre by filling cancellation form and submitting it to the supervisor. Or there’s another way, download the form from the College Board website, fill it and sign it properly; and either fax it or mail it before 11:59 pm EST on wednesday after the test.

The form must contain the test date, test center number, name of test (SAT or SAT Subject Test); your name, address, sex, birth date and registration number. Your signature should be there on the form otherwise the form is not processed. Both mail and fax should be labeled as “Attention: SAT score cancellation”. Cancellation cannot be done via phone or e-mail as it requires your signature.

You can fax it at 610-290-8978 or send at the address: SAT Score Cancellation, 1425 Lower Ferry Road, Ewing, NJ 08618

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