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List Of Different Online HR Courses

By on January 2, 2013

HR is the new emerging field both as a career option and in business enterprises. Gone are the days when it was considered merely as a support function with the HR personnel as a support member with no active contribution. With developing technologies and the complications that arises while managing the human resource of an organization it is the HR personnel who come forward to deal with these matters.

So it becomes utmost necessary for the concerned person to equip himself or herself with the knowledge in HR domain. Now it may so happen that the person is a working professional or does not have any means by which he/she can attend regular classroom sessions. In this case online classes come very handy. So here is a list of online HR courses that you can look into.

List of online HR courses

Distance Learning Courses from IIM

This course in HR is offered by International Institute of Management (IIM). The 1-2 week course is aimed for the Human Capital Managers, Human Resources Managers, Recruitment & Development personnel, HR consultants and others in the same field. The course will help the managers to understand the fundamental aspect of HR functioning.

List of Different Online HR Courses

It will help to understand the challenges faced by CPOs. Often strategy is limited to financial and marketing planning as there is no proper initiative for managing the HR department. Through this course the managers will be trained on how to formulate HR strategies that will help them to obtain their organizational goals.

The course will emphasize on the traditional and modern HR tools, models and strategies. Lastly, the course will help the organization in all to understand the importance of its human capital through the different HRM strategies. It will focus on traditional topics like Job Description, Downsizing and new functions such as 360 Degree Feedback, Flextime, Telecommuting etc.

The biggest advantage of this course is the CEO club that is a gathering of global professionals from the Global Fortune 1000 companies. There are two course fees- $995 and $4,999 if you wish to have the course in Las Vegas, USA.

Human Resource Management Certificate

This is a certificate degree program offered by the University of Calgary. This course will focus on gaining the theoretical and practical insights that are essential the area of human resources. This course is well suited for beginners and for people who wish to change their career track to HR.

Different Online HR Courses

The existing Human resource professionals can enhance their knowledge and HR skills. This course is well designed for the front line managers, project supervisors as well as the administrators who have to deal with HR policies and activities in their job role. This entire course is available on line. The course is designed with a flexible schedule to enable working professionals attend the program.

Ontario Learn Online Courses

This online course is offered by Georgian College in collaboration with Ontario Learn consortium of Ontario Colleges.  The best part about this program is that it focuses on the new concepts of HR such as strategic HR, Occupational Health and Safety.

Exhaustive knowledge is provided in Employment Law such as the concepts of duties of employers to employees, employment terms and contracts, workplace safety and insurance policies and many more. The course is taught in a scientific manner blending the classic concepts of job analysis with the newer ones such as the strategic importance of HR policies in the governing of an organization.

Human Resource Management from University of London

This online course is offered by Birkbeck University of London. It uses research and modern methods to understand the critical aspects of HR. it helps the students in understanding the concepts about strategic aims, selecting, motivating, and developing the staff.

Online HR Courses

You will be provided with an online tutor who will help you throughout the duration of the course. There will be optional workshops which will be held in London on a yearly basis. For further details on the course structure you can visit their official website.

Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management

This online HR course is offered by the University of New England. This course will help the candidate to acquire the basic and in depth knowledge about HR that will help him or her to start a career in the HR field. There will be two core subjects namely – Strategic human resource management and Workplace planning and human resource development.

The list of other subjects includes communication management, gender and diversity issues in the workplace and other relevant subjects. You will be required to have completed a 3 year degree course to be eligible for the program. To get more information about the course you can visit their official website.

Diploma of Human Resources Management

This course is offered by Open Universities Australia. Through this course the candidate will be able to understand the practical application of the HR concepts. There will be extensive trainings on core managerial skills such as recruitment, employment law and occupational health and safety.

HR Courses

Some of the subjects that would be taught in this course include management of quality customer service, management of recruitment, selection and induction processes, management of remuneration along with the employee benefits and other related subjects.

International Career Institute (ICI)

International Career Institute (ICI) offers online distance learning courses in HR. The institute is based in Australia and offers various degrees such as the certificate, diploma and the advanced diploma level degree. ICI distance learning online course in human resources management have been formed in combination with the federal government and the HR industry of Australia.

After completing the HR course at ICI you will be able to manage any human resource consultancy service, manage the separation and the termination of employees, manage different industrial relations and other processes and many others functions.

You will also be able to manage the new branches of HR namely Human Resource Information Systems. The course will be conducted at a fast pace that will help you to earn pretty earlier than the conventional HR courses.

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