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Language Courses Offered In Delhi University

By on October 5, 2012

Language Courses Offered In Delhi UniversityLinguistics and communication are two different terms which bear intimate associations. While Linguistics is the core study of languages, communication is a medium of expression of one’s emotions, opinions and beliefs. Both these terminologies are incomplete without the presence of the other.

So, when we talk about expression or communication it becomes imperative in today’s globalised world to be able to put forth our ideas not just before the people of our own land but also in front of people from distant places. There should be no such thing as a language barrier in our society and no two people should stay disconnected owing to a mere lack of a common language.

This is the gap which Linguistics bridges. This is why people turn towards Language courses to get a knack for foreign languages. While a few connoisseurs learn distant languages on account of their penchant and inclination towards them, there is a vast majority of people who pursue such courses on professional purposes

There is no dearth of jobs in the field of Languages right from research to interpretation. People proficient in alien languages are welcomed with open arms in government as well as private sector as Language Experts.

Linguistics Departments in Delhi University

There is a plethora of foreign language courses imparted in one of the most celebrated universities of India, Delhi University. There are full-fledged departments such as Department of Germanic and Romance Studies, Department of East Asian Studies and Department of Slavonic and Finno-Ugrian Studies dedicated to this discipline.

There are full-time, part-time, Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses at the disposal of interested students. Students are even awarded Ph.D. degrees in some foreign languages like French and German.

Courses Offered

Department of Germanic and Romance Studies which was exclusively set up in 1988, serves MA, BA, Ph.D., Diploma and Part-time courses in French, Spanish, German, Romanian, Portuguese and Italian. There are a number of Research and Project works undertaken by students every year enrolled for these courses.

language courses in delhi

Similarly the Department of Slavonic and Finno- Ugrian Studies offers Honours, Diploma and Certificate courses in Ugrian languages such as Croatian, Czech, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Slovak and Serbian language. Apart from this, students can attain insight in Japanese, Korean and other East Asian languages by enrolling themselves under the Department of East Asian Studies.

Eligibility Criteria

Students seeking an admission in BA (Honours) courses can take the required entrance tests and a minimum of 45% aggregate is required in Senior Secondary to receive an admission in Certificate courses. On the other hand, students are supposed to either furnish their certificate in the required language or clear an examination to seal a berth in Diploma courses.

A person holding a Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum aggregate score of 45% is eligible to apply for a language course under the Department of East Asian Studies, subject to certain other conditions.

Part-time Courses

Apart from these full-time courses, students can avail classes for part-time foreign language courses imparted in various colleges of Delhi University situated at North or South Campus. Certificate courses in French, Spanish and German can be taken from Ramjas College, Hansraj College and St. Stephens College.

While many colleges offering Certificate and Diploma in French, German or Spanish alone or in various combinations are Jesus and Mary College, Kamla Nehru College, Lady Shri Ram, Shri Venkateshwara Colleges etc. So, the Delhi University is flooded with options and opportunities for students, provided they are ready to take the plunge and seize them.

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