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Ideas For Best Schools In Singapore

By on January 5, 2013

Singapore, residence to several islands, is typically a surging area located in the Malaysian peninsula. It also operates as the educational home to a lot of students. As the foremost information communications technology (ICT) core in Asia, Singapore continues to be a lucrative location for numerous schools and ICT companies, with new ventures in research and development.

Being a global city, students share innovative ideas and participate in excellent research opportunities. The city is a modernised, yet traditional place, thus present diversity and mixture of cultures, living in harmony. For the Asian students, it serves as a home, not so far away from their real homes and thus provides easy access to them.

Several students from all over the world come to study in these elite institutions and many more for the up gradation of their career. However, it is the excellent colleges and the lucrative courses that they offer that is the primary reason, behind Singapore being the hottest education hub of Asia. Some of the best recognized schools of Singapore are listed below.

Tips For Schools In Singapore

The Superiority of NUS

The most recognized schools in Singapore are the National University of Singapore (NUS). It is ranked among the top 10 universities of the world. Situated in the capital, NUS is the most recognised global university of Singapore. NUS has collaboration with the renowned Yale University for a world class educational program.

Ideas For Best Schools In Singapore

Dynamism is the mission of this university and its vision is to promote a bold and enthusiastic community of students altering them into successful leaders. The Yale-NUS University is expected to begin by the year 2015. Courses in both the undergraduate, graduate and post graduate are offered here, in the field of engineering, health, architecture, medicine and science et-cetera. It has the reputate of possessing fair amount of students from all over the world.

SUTD-The Feel of MIT

SUTD or the Singapore University of Technology and Design is formulated in collaboration with MIT and has been highly successful in their main motive. It has a highly integrated system which when combined with MIT’s efficiency, makes SUTD one of the most amazing colleges in Singapore. Diverse courses including inter disciplinary activities in arts, humanities, engineering and other departments are carried out here.

Especially for a student, it is the most amazing place to be, because of its high research prospects and good educational system. The main goal of this institution is to innovate and make breakthroughs in the sphere of design, engineering and other dimensions.After NUS, Singapore University of Technology and Design is the biggest research hub of Singapore.

NTU- Moving swiftly

NTU is said to be the fastest growing university here. Since 1955, when Nanyang Technological University (NTU) was established, it has been one of the most striking universities of Singapore. Many other similar universities follow the guidelines provided by NTU. Moreover the summer research internships of these universities are also worth mentioning and innovative.

Best Schools In Singapore

Placements of the college are greatly renowned and ranked 58th in the top universities of world rankings, the prospects of getting lucrative, powerful and innovative jobs are really high. With the impact of hi tech research infrastructure and largely respected professors, NTU is sure to jump up the ladders of top universities in due time.

Singapore Management University is another university aiming at quality education, though it is only 12 years old. It is one of the top ranked universities of Singapore. With a faculty board consisting of highly renowned and acclaimed professors as well as directors, SMU is one of the sought after schools in Singapore. Although courses such as arts, law and engineering are taught, it emphasises on management, both as undergraduate and post graduate studies.

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Fortune School – Negotiating your funds

Set up only to serve the demands and needs of the international students, the Fortune School of Technology provides huge facilities and scope to them. Not only is the focus on education, but also in other spheres like personality development, morality issues as conferences and seminars are held here.

The quality of education is really rich, similar to peer institutions. Sessions dealing in innovation and interaction are given huge stress, which are bound to improve a student’s calibre.

Moreover the affordable fees make this school a desired place for students who can’t afford highly expensive education in the foreign lands. The high quality diploma courses on management and business makes Fortune an ideal place for International students.

The European Elegance at Auston

Established in 1966, the Auston University of Management and Technology is the world’s 53rd ranking institution. Lucrative graduate and post graduate courses are available in this globally acknowledged school.

Schools In Singapore

Intelligent and flexible teaching system combined with dynamic study options make Auston a good college to be in. It is in merge with the Coventry University of Europe in which the degree courses are decided by the European University.

James Cook – Bearing the Australian reputation

Appreciated as the top 15 universities of Australia and being ranked the peak 4 percentage of the world’s best universities, James Cook University is located in Singapore. Offering a huge spectrum of research courses in arts, management and information technology, this is really a good college to be in. It is based on Australian education and is a sub domain of the Australian University.

Established in 1984, the East Asia Institute of Management specialises in IT training consultancy. Having affiliations with several famed Australian Universities, it has a unified aim to build a world class business community. Quality education in graduate and post graduate courses is done here, especially in economics, business and other management courses.

Business Oriented Schools

Collaborated with numerous European Universities, the Schools of European Business School in Singapore is registered as Singapore’s private institution. Although this institution offers only diploma courses in both the undergraduate and post graduate courses, certificates of the Cambridge University are given, which makes these course all the more valuable.

Ideas For Schools In Singapore

However, it exclusively offers business schools like the grad schools.This college depicts the essence of European standard of teaching and thus depicts the high quality education.

Change Your Dreams into Reality

Singapore is the apt place for students to pursue their career goals. More than 50, 000 students come to study in Asia’s most wired country. The rich quality of education, the sophisticated way of living and the safety of the nation makes it easier for students to seek high quality jobs post their studies.

The Singapore education which was set up in 2003, promotes superior education and diversity. The hunger to quality education and world class research makes Singapore such a big believer in extensive knowledge. These reputed schools make Singapore Asia’s education hub and also one of the most educationally desired places of the world.

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