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How To Become A Video Game Designer

By on October 29, 2011

how to become a video game designerDo you intend to pursue a career in video game designing? Video game designers need to have extensive knowledge in computer technology, graphics designing and high levels of creativity.

You also require a sound knowledge of programming languages to create the perfect and popular video game for people. Here are some tips to help you become a video game designer.

How To Become A Video Game Designer

Basic Steps to Become a Video Game Designer

A degree in Video game designing is mandatory to become a video game designer. It will also help you find better and higher-level opportunities in game design field. Plenty of legitimate courses for video game design are available online. Secondly, it is essential to improve your mathematics and logical skills. Good problem solving techniques are required in this field.

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Make a list of accredited and recognized universities that offer online and regular courses in video game designing. Taking references from senior students can also help you find the best college or university to pursue your game design degree.

During your graduate course, you can polish your basic video game design skills by applying for internships. Usually, it can be tough to find direct employment opportunities for fresh video game designers. Hence, acquiring some experience during your course study will be of great help.

Passion and Skills for a Video Game Designer

If you see some successful video game designers, you will realize that they are passionate about their job. This natural enthusiasm and passion is very important to become a video game designer.

Game designing is a stressful job that will require you to solve several bugs, create convincing animations and innovating new concepts. You need to prepare yourself for a highly competitive work environment. Working for long hours at work is also another frequent occurrence in these jobs.

skills required to be a video game designer

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You should be perfect in the basic skills in video game designing. These involve photography, 3D animation, special effects and of course, graphics design. This knowledge will make you literate in this field, but it may not be enough to take you ahead in the race. Graphics animation is ever evolving. Therefore, you should keep yourself updated with latest developments in the field of technology.

Apart from a degree in graphics design and video game design, you should be a perfectionist with an interest in art and science both. People with degree in Fine Arts can also pursue a career as a video game designer.

Video game companies with high reputation will prefer experienced candidates or those who have a creative edge with innovative thinking capacity. Hence, brush up your technical and creative skills before applying for game designer jobs in such companies.

Growth of Gaming Industry

From the simple television video games to complex Nintendo, Xbox and Playstation, video gaming industry has seen tremendous growth. Video gaming is a billion dollar industry. Moreover, portable computers and handheld devices have increased the demand for new video games. In fact, some computer manufacturers produce laptops, desktops and keyboards, exclusively for gaming purpose.

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You can spot adults and kids, men and women, at gaming stores and malls, where they try the demo games and newly released gaming consoles. A video game designer should share similar enthusiasm and love for video games, in order to create new and interesting games for the people.

Future of Gaming Jobs

Today’s virtual world of video games provides the best and realistic growth opportunities for serious game designers. Statistics predict a high demand for video game designers in near future. According to the American Department of Labor, there is a potential for increase in software publishing jobs. There is also an expectation of high sales in gaming hardware and software in the next few years.

Video game designers have tremendous growth opportunities. Video game designing is a popular and rapidly growing business in present consumer market. In this career, you can expect high salaries, benefits, retirement packages and share in profits of the organization. A successful video game designer will require a combination of degrees in both, computer technology as well as business management. This will help him or her to think of interesting concepts and game ideas to attract highest number of customers.

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