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How To Become A LPN

By on January 16, 2012

How To Become A LPNLPN is the abbreviation of Licensed Practical Nurse. This is a quick path to the career of nursing. The training for LPN takes around one year and is normally held in technical schools and vocational centers.

There are various career opportunities in the field of nursing care and home health care agencies and hospitals for a LPN. You may also choose to pursue further education while supporting yourself by working as a LPN.

How to Become a LPN and What Are the Requirements?

Though LPN is not as highly esteemed as a RN, this also requires education and training and has significant contribution in making a comfortable living along with satisfaction.

What is The Education Required for LPN?

A Licensed Practical Nurse is required to finish a training program that has been approved by the state nursing board in which she or he lives. There are various programs in every state and these comprise of: vocational schools, community colleges, and at times technical colleges too.

Even some of the hospitals and schools offer these programs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a high school education is needed to get into the LPN training programs. In any of these institutions, it is possible to complete the LPN course in one year.

How to Become a LPN With License?

As the title denotes, this practical nurse must hold a license to practice in any given state. This requires the LPN to take and exam of national nurses licensing. The basic difference between the RN and LPN in taking the license exam is, a RN takes the exam of NCLEX-RN and the LPN takes the exam of NCLEX-PN.

skills for A LPN

The exams are conducted by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing and the candidates are tested over four main areas: promotion and maintenance of health, physiological integrity, psychosocial integrity, and providing a safe and effective health care environment.

Is Communication Skill Essential For a LPN?

Yes, communication is the key part of a LPN, as they are the primary caretakers of the patients and have to have a strong understanding of the patient’s physical as well as emotional needs. Hence, they must understand and communicate the right things to encourage patients and talk them out of the illness with positive attitude.

They must actively participate in conversation as and when the patient needs and respond to all their questions appropriately. The communication skill is equally essential to convey the right information to the physician and RNs as required.

How to Maintain The License?

Despite completing all requirements of education, training, and licensing, the LPN should regularly continue educational needs to maintain the license acquired. This requirement varies according to the state and the time frame set for the same.

Normally, this course is undertaken through a bridge program and later with a transition to the field of RN. It is much easy to enter the nursing profession through LPN and it certainly is a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

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