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8 Best Pre Med Schools In USA

By on February 21, 2012

The pre med education offered by the best pre med schools in USA prepare students for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). Students enrolled in the pre med courses are required to study biology, chemistry and physics.

8 Best Pre Med Schools In USA

University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia offers post baccalaureate pre health programs. The Post Baccalaureate Specialized Studies Program is recommended for students who have applied to a medical school.

8 Best Pre Med Schools In USA

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Students who had none or few premedical science subjects in the undergraduate degree program are eligible for the Post Baccalaureate Core Studies Program. Depending on the academic course load of a student, the pre medical programs of the University of Pennsylvania can be completed in one to two years.

Harvard University

The Harvard Pre-Medical Society is a student run organization that provides educational support to undergraduate students planning to join a medical school. It organizes several programs including physician mentoring program, hospital volunteering program and first year premed peer advising program.

Pre Med Schools In USA

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The Office of Career Services of Harvard University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, advise students in premedical and health career education.

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

The University of Minnesota assists students through their various programs to get admission to a medical college. Students passionate about a career in medicine can participate in the seminars, information sessions and other related activities of the Medical School of the University.

Best Pre Med Schools In USA

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The Office of Admission provides a reading list to enhance interest in medical education. Aspiring medical students can work as volunteers in the diverse medical settings of the University’s medical school.

Michigan State University

Michigan State University conducts several programs that assist pre med students to secure admission in a reputed medical school.

Best Pre Med Schools In USA

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Throughout the school year, practicing physicians, medical students and admission counselors visit the University to talk to the aspiring medical students.

University of Washington

The four-year undergraduate professional program of the University of Washington helps to prepare students for MCAT.

8 Best Pre Med Schools In USA

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Pre med students are required to study general chemistry, organic chemistry, introductory biology, general physics, English and calculus. The University offers a Pre Med Planner Tool, which assists students to plan the four-year study schedule.

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

The Career Center at the University of Michigan offers several services and resources to the pre med students of the University.

Pre Med Schools In USA

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The pre med counselors assist students in choosing a career in medicine through personal assessments, choosing the right major, researching medical schools, preparing for admission tests and interviews.

University of Wisconsin, Madison

The Center for Pre Health Advising at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, assists students in selecting the coursework necessary for securing admission to a medical school.

Top Pre Med Schools In USA

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Students are encouraged to study biological sciences, biochemistry, general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, mathematics and English in the undergraduate studies.

Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

Undergraduate students who want to join a medical school are encouraged to join the College of Human Ecology, the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Agriculture or the College of Engineering at Cornell University.

Best Pre Med Schools In USA

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The majors offered by these colleges help students to prepare for MCAT.

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